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We recognize the undeniable right of children with special needs to succeed in the world. Sampoorana strives to make that right a reality

Our Teachers have specialized qualifications, training and extensive experience in teaching children with special needs. Abouve all, they support and encourage each child with great understanding, personal attention and lots of affection. The motto is to serve with commitment and dedication.

Inaugurating the school, Justice Kurian Joseph said that the Sampoorna School's motto of finding
perfection in the children considered imperfect by the society was praiseworthy.

Rampant consumerism has run so deep in the society that selfless service and readiness to help
those who deserve it are rare virtues these days, he said
The parents of children with special needs should not despair over the situation of their wards.
Differently-abled children are extra ordinarily ale and they face the world with innocence and
courage he said.

The Sampoorna Special School is an endeavour of eminent individuals from different walks of the society, concerned with providing a genuine and caring growth atmosphere for children with
special needs.

The school is located on Ponoth Road, Kaloor in a rented building.

The uniqueness of the school is the absence of rows of benches and desks rather a group of
teachers attending to each and every child with utmost care and affection thus making the school
a haven.

There are over 50-70 children from different spheres of disabilities extending from autism,
cerebral palsy, physical disability and slow learners with many awaiting admission.

Patron : Dr. Beena Vijayan IAS, Dist.Collector, Ernakulam

President : Sri K.M. Roy, Sr. Journalist

Vice President : G.Premnath, Corporate Executive

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