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We recognize the undeniable right of children with special needs to succeed in the world. Sampoorana strives to make that right a reality
Sampoorna school students with trophy on winning the first & 3rd prize in Posture Drawing competetion 
at the abilities mela 2008 in Cochin
A Sampoorna Special School Initative

Concern For  Humanity-Perfecting Precious Lives


Buy A Brick - Build a School for Sampoorna - Build A Legacy

  Sampoorna Special School Fulfiling Lives for Special Children requests you to be a partner & Participate in the Buy a Brick & Build a legacy Programme.On Buying A Brick you help to fulfil the Aspirations of The Sampoornites to build a Special School of their own in Their Land & Thereby Play a Leading role in helping to Support the Cause

This will be a meaningful & lasting way through Our Path of Achievements

Buying A Brick is an Ideal way to Commemorate your Support For these Needy Children in fulfilling their Dreams of Building A School of Their Own Consider A Brick as A Wonderful Gift For These Special Children For A Very Special Occasion` When you Support the Buy a Brick.......Build A Legacy Programme your name will be inscribed on a Brick & placed in a Prominent Location At the Sampoorna Special School For Children with Special Needs Campus.

Your Participation Will Support the Creation of an important New Resource for Special Educators everywhere & your Brick will Recoganize Your Commitment to Education For Children With Special Needs For Years To Come

With your Donation of 7500/- or multiples - Build a School
  Sampoornites will
Inscribe a Brick with your name or your teacher you would like to honour
Place your Brick in a prominent area in the campus
Send you an official Certificate of Recognition
  Buy a Brick
  Visit www.sampoornaindia.org donation page
  If you have questions about the Donation process or Donate By Phone
Dial-91484-9946022837, 0484-2102214,9847042208
  E-mail : info@sampoornaindia.org, gpnthpremnath@gmail.com
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Thank You

  Your support will help the Sampoorna Special School For Children with Special Needs to Educate and Inspire the Humanity at Large For Generations to Come
  Visiting the Sampoorna Special School & want to find your Brick?
  Contact our office 0484 2102214
  We will happily tell you where your Brick is Located in Our Yet to Build Sampoorna Special School Campus
  Always Yours


  Vice President
  Sampoorna Special School

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Contact Nos : - + 91 - 484 - 2102214
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