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We recognize the undeniable right of children with special needs to succeed in the world. Sampoorana strives to make that right a reality
Inauguration of the School by the Honourable Justice C. Kuriyan Joseph

Sampoorna Special School is dedicated to discover the potential of ‘differently abied’ children and to nourish it to pave the way for a fulfilling future for them. Sampoorna understands that what children with special needs require is not sympathy. But understanding and training to make them self-sufficient and confident to face life.
To provide a nurturing environment and individual training which enable children with special needs to develop to their fullest capability : Academically, Socially and Personally.
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Our Teachers have specialized qualifications, training and extensive experience in teaching children with special needs.
Patron : Dr. Beena Vijayan IAS, Dist.Collector, Ernakulam President : Sri K.M. Roy, Sr. Journalist
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